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Bow Mar Yacht Club

established 1954

About  BMYC

Bow Mar Yacht Club is a private sailing club for residents of Bow Mar, Colorado. Residents must also be current members

of  BMOI (Bow Mar Owners, Inc.) in good standing to join BMYC.

The club was founded in 1954 by an energetic group of Bow Mar residents ready to take advantage of their hometown lake.

BMYC has grown to include an active fleet of Snipe and Laser racers, along with Sunfish and Feva sailors,

and an ever-popular Junior Sailing program. The club hosts a summer Club Race Series on Sundays,

Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Norm Tanner Invitational Snipe Regatta in July,

and the season culminates with an awards party in November. 

Many of the club trophies date back to the 1950's and are a who's who of Bow Mar.


2024 Club Officers

Commodore   Sarah Brown

Vice Commodore Tom Robinson

Past Commodore Mark Jones

Treasurer Eliot Payson

Secretary open

Club Bosun Neil Ray

Webmaster Susu Baker

Race Committee Chair Susu Baker and Neil Ray

Snipe Fleet Captain Steve Kurtz

Laser Fleet Captain Mark Jones

Tera/Feva Fleet Captain Sailing Director, Eva Rossell

Jr Sailing Program Parent Rep Lacey Books, Susu Baker

Social Chair Angie Graham

Apparel Catherine Rollhaus

Officer Descriptions:

All officers attend the monthly board meeting and vote on club matters.

You do not need to be a sailor, or know how to sail, to be an officer or serve on a club committee.

Commodore (term: 2 years)

The Commodore sets the direction for the club and is responsible for the organization and management of the club. The Commodore chairs the monthly officer meetings and manages the board of Flag Officers.

Vice Commodore (term: 2 years)

The Vice Commodore assists the Commodore in his/her duties. He/she manages the Club Bosun and makes sure that they have the support needed to keep the club property maintained and in order. He/she, along with the secretary, manages the election of incoming officers at the end of each year. The Vice Commodore moves directly into the Commodore position when the Commodore’s term is up.

Past Commodore (term: 2 years)

The Past Commodore is the former Commodore of the club, who’s term has just expired. He/she and on the board of officers as a voting member, providing assistance to the club and to the Commodore.

Treasurer (term: 2 years)

The Treasurer keeps the financial records for the club and reports its financial status to the board of officers, at the monthly meetings. He/she is responsible for paying all annual club fees, the collection and accounting of club memberships and renewals, vendor payments and reimbursals to members for club expenses.

Secretary (term: 2 years)

The Secretary attends the monthly officers meetings, and records the minutes of all general and special meetings of the club. He/she is responsible for maintaining the club notes and records. The secretary works with the treasurer to process memberships, creating and distributing membership cards, and updating the club member list. The secretary manages all emails, Bulletin submissions and communications to club members.

Club Bosun (term: 2 years)

The Club Bosun is responsible for all yacht club property…. the sailing deck, trash cans, locker closet, sailing dock, race committee boat, boat keys, sailing marks, boat racks, sailing parking lot and trailer storage area. He/she works with the BMOI beach manager and lifeguards to make sure that these areas are all maintained, in good order and ready for use. BMOI and the lifeguards are responsible for daily maintenance of the sailing dock and grounds. He/she also works with the fleet captains on the maintenance and upkeep of the club dollies. The Club Bosun sets all marks in the spring and brings them in at the end of the sailing season.

Webmaster (term: 2 years)

The webmaster manages the website, maintains it and keeps it updated with events and new notices.

Race Committee Chair (term: 2 years)

The Race Committee Chair makes sure that there is a PRO (Primary Race Officer) and assistant to run the Wednesday night and Sunday Club Races. He/she keeps track of the scoring of all summer series races, posts them to the website, and manages the club travelling trophies and buying of yearly trophies.

Snipe Fleet Captain (term: 2 years)

The Snipe Fleet Captain attends the monthly officers meetings. He/she manages the Snipe sailing fleet, sends out communications to the Snipe sailors, organizes the Norm Tanner Snipe Regatta, with the help of the Social Committee, and determines the direction of the Snipe fleet. This can entail hosting invitational regattas, traveling as a fleet to local regattas, etc. The Snipe Fleet Captain is also in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the club Snipe boats, and the club Snipe trailers.

Laser Fleet Captain (term: 2 years)

The Laser Fleet Captain attends the monthly officers meetings. He/she manages the club Laser fleet, the management and upkeep of the club Lasers. He/she reports to the board of officers on the condition of the club Lasers, and the need for repairs and parts.  He/she sends out communications to the Laser sailors, organizes any Laser regattas or events. 

Tera/Feva Fleet Captain (term: 2 years)

The Tera/Feva Fleet Captain attends the monthly officers meetings. He/she manages the fleet of club Tera and Feva boats and reports to the board of officers re the condition of boats, and need for repairs and parts.

Jr Sailing Parent Rep (term: self-determined)

The Jr Sailing Parent Rep sits on the board of officers and runs and manages the Jr Sailing summer program and oversees the Director of the Jr Sailing Program (a salaried position held by a professional sailing instructor) . He/she attends the monthly board meetings and keeps the board apprised of the Jr Sailing Program and any assistance it might need in the funding, managing, support of the Jr Sailing Program.

Social Chair (term: 2 years)

The Social Chair organizes and manages the yacht club social events throughout the season.

Apparel Rep (term: 2 years)

The apparel rep manages the club store, orders apparel and club promotional items

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