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 Bow Mar Yacht Club

               established 1954

BMYC  Sunday Club Races

     complete , and FINAL,  2020 season results  

Congratulations to all the sailors

who participated in club races this season!


Sunday Club Races are held every Sunday,  Memorial Day through Labor Day,  on Bow Mar Lake.   

You must be a  BMYC member,  or a guest of a member, to participate.

2020 BMYC Club Awards

   The Commodore's Cup

     2020 - Susu Baker


                Snipe Fleet Champion Trophy

                           2020 - Dave Baker

Feva Fleet Champion Trophy

  2020 - Ashley Hagen



Laser Fleet Champion Trophy

                  2020 - Ted Baer


               Sunfish Fleet Champion Trophy

                         2020 - Zach Williams

 Tera Fleet Champion Trophy

      2020 - Jordan Alexander




        All Hands on Deck


   2020 - Karl Engelmann


                        Most Improved Sailor Trophy

                                2020 - Jackson Alexander



               Women's Sailor of the Year Trophy

                                          2020 - Ashley Hagen  




Up and Coming Junior Sailor Trophy

                2020 - Jackson Alexander and Ashley Hagen




        Clobbering Trophy

                                       2019 -Zach Williams


                             Drunken Sailor Award

           to be awarded at the Commordore's Party

2020 Sunday Club Race Series

final standings

(for complete season results, week-by-week,

see top of this page)

Laser Fleet

     Rank  Fleet             Helm Name          Series Points Total

1st Ted Baer 291

2nd        Hannah Hayes 328

3rd Jonathan Alexander 456

4th Delia Leonard 475

5th    Phil Kazmier 517

6th     Ashley Hagen 579

7th       Mark Jones 583

8th       Steve Tautz 631

9th Courtney Krenz 679

10th Susu Baker 694

11th Makenzie Krenz 694

12th Kevin Stroy 705

13th Dillon Baer 706

14th Lacey Books 706

15th Jack Engelmann 707

PHRF Fleet  (not scored)

             Boat           Helm Name 

MC Scow Steve Stock

        Aero               Mark Jones

                 Aero                                Jackson Alexander

Snipe Fleet

      Rank                 Helm Name          Series Points Total

1st    Dave Baker 244

2nd          Mike Slouka 370

3rd    Steve Kurtz 415

4th     Eliot Payson 439

5th     Steve Tautz 647

6th    Mark Jones 653

7th            Ryan Schubert   656

8th            Karl Engelmann 657

9th Avery Zieper 747

10th Jackson Alexander 749

11th Carl Mattson 761

12th Ian Campbell 783

13th Aidan Engelmann 787

14th DJ Graham 802

15th Phil Kazmier 827

16th Scott Mitchell 840

17th Andi Slouka 842

Feva Fleet

 Rank                     Helm Name               Series Points Total

1st Ashley Hagen 12

2nd Zach Williams 19

Sunfish Fleet

     Rank                     Helm Name               Series Points Total

1st  Zach Williams 205

2nd   Cameron Graham 321

3rd   Turner Graham 435

4th           Scot Graham 546

5th  Jackson Alexander 563

6th  Gabi Leonard 632

7th Jonathan Alexander 636

8th Aidan Engelmann 650

9th Lawson Childers 738

10th Charlie Jones 742

11th Jordan Alexander 781

12th Ashley Hagen 791

13th Andrew Carlson 795

14th Steve Tautz 801

15th Courtney Krenz 804

16th Makenzie Krenz 817

17th Delia Leonard 820

18th Will Robinson 823

Tera Fleet

     Rank                     Helm Name               Series Points Total

1st Jordan Alexander 123

2nd Oskar Plotnik 234

3rd Turner Graham 266

4th Will Robinson 274

5th Cameron Graham 277

6th DJ Graham 279

7th Delia Leonard 282

8th Savannah Hopkins 300

Scoring System

The summer series is scored by the 

Low Point System 

1st place = 1, 2nd place = 2, etc.

A boat that did not start, did not finish, retired or was disqualified shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of boats entered in the series.

World Sailing Racing Rule of Sailing

2017-2020, p.54

... If you don’t show up for a race day, your points will be the total no. of boats in your fleet, PLUS 1.

It pays to show up!

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